Rhomega Does Graphic Design


The simplest decisions, from a logo to the font under it, impact your audience. There is a fine line between too much and not enough, and it’s a line we understand well. Rhomega considers what your brand represents, and how to convey every element of it with the finest details. We relish subtle, intelligent ideas.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet and relaxed, or bold and outstanding, Rhomega is serious about making your company look its best. We’ll work with you through every decision you need to make, big or small, on everything from brochures to business cards. The finished product, simple or complex, will leave a strong impression on your audience.

[tt_mockup img_1=’http://rhome.ga/wp/wp-content/uploads/Space-Bandit.png’ name_1=’book’ img_2=’http://rhome.ga/wp/wp-content/uploads/PP-Cards.png’ name_2=’cards’]