This is Rhomega


Promotional artwork and images for bands, authors, projects, and films. Whatever creation you can imagine, we can make your concepts into a reality.


Using a unique fusion of your identity and our style, we’ll make your company look it’s best. Everything tailor made, from corporate branding to brochures.


Custom, quality built websites that are every bit as unique as your business. Our websites come with all the bells and whistles of modern design.


I am Rhomega, aka Jess Thompson, a quietly diverse creative. I specialise in print design and digital illustration. You’re here because you’re seeking an efficient, versatile, detail oriented designer to guide your product into new levels of success. I’m here to provide that service.

Always eager to please, I will make sure your needs are met. I am absolutely ready to take on whatever projects you are ready to throw my way. My goal is to turn your business journey into a concise, timely, and stress free experience. So, let’s do this! Hit me up via the contact form; help me help you bring your design aspirations into reality.







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Golden Features XXIV Tour

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Fellow Feeling

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The Midnight Tide

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Mr Voice and the Cloudtop Glide Along

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Polished Pixels

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Porter Robinson Worlds Shirt

  • Eric Luttrell and Ben Swardlick, friends of Rhomega

    The M Machine  San Francisco, USA

    Jess nailed it for us 100% — She was a joy to work with, understood the direction straight away, and delivered within our deadline. Honestly excited to work with Rhomega again.

  • Eli Marsland, a friend of Rhomega

    Eli Marsland  Melbourne, Australia

    Jess is one of those people who kindly finishes your sentence when you’re struggling to explain complex graphic design concepts. She also has the experience to turn a good idea in a brilliant one, couple that with her personalised service and unrivalled transparency means she’ll guide you every step of the way. I recommend her with my full confidence, as she’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

  • Apollo Hansen, a friend of Rhomega

    Apollo Hansen  San Francisco, USA

    Jess is smart and passionate; most importantly she works fast! I hired her to polish up my logo and design business cards, and both times she had them done within two days. She listened to my ideas and was patient in explaining anything I had questions about. Not only did I come away satisfied, I felt like I learned a lot about good design in the process. Can’t recommend her enough!

  • Joey Koppenheffer, a friend of Rhomega

    Joey Koppenheffer  Fullerton, USA

    10/10 Would recommend to anyone looking for professional level of graphic design work. Rhomega was quick to respond in emails as well as the ongoing artwork. Finished product was exactly what I had envisioned when I brought the idea to her. Definitely will be coming back for more!